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Looking to Increase Your Revenue?

Are you interested in increasing the available revenue at your facility, without increasing your costs? Click here to contact us and find out how! We specialize in products that are designed to simplify the day-to-day tasks associated with managing your facility, while also increasing your revenues, freeing up valuable resources that you can put back into inmate education programs, maintenance and upgrades, and so on. Click here to contact us today!

Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office, UT

"The transition to Connex was surprisingly very effortless. Connex worked directly with our Offender Management System technicians and got us up and running with little to no help on our side. Their customer service and support has been one in a million. I really appreciated the time they gave me when I asked for a specific report. It was like they were willing to accommodate anything I needed. When I called and asked "Is there a report that does...?" they were right there designing a new report to pull exactly what I needed. Their program has made my job so much easier. The program is very user friendly and gives our clients different options that we couldn't have offered without Connex's assistance. I would highly recommend Connex's services to any facility."

Cynthia Wardle
Administrative Assistant

Cache County Jail, UT

"Connex's software is very user friendly and the staff is very efficient and dedicated to our needs. Our rate of return has increased significantly and the time needed to manage the pay for stay program has decreased. We've been pleased with our relationship with Connex and will continue to recommend them."

Lt. Brian Locke
Jail Commander


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